• The Cloud

    Cloud services are here to stay, independently of the size of your organization there is a incentive to taka a closer look the different cloud offerings.

    There are however still some issues that should be considered before entering the cloud service solutions:

    - legal requirements of the data/information stored in the cloud service
    - data migration and data import to the cloud service
    - security surrounding the cloud service
    - performance and tuning of the cloud service
    - economic aspects, total cost of ownership
    - exit strategy (how to move away from the cloud service)
    - independent strategic guidance

    NOTE that GDPR (dataskyddsförordningen) enters into force 20180525, the regulation sets some tough IT requirements.

    Contact us for guidance and advice in order avoid any surprises, let us help you succeed with your cloud strategy.

  • Avoid unnecessary investments

    We help you to reduce the total cost of ownership by minimizing unnecessary investments in IT infrastructure and better utilize existing and upcoming solutions. Use effective tools to manage and maintain your solutions but without being locked to a particular technology.
    Cloud Solutions are complex, but with the right custom management it can be handled in a simple and efftektivt way.

    Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers, regardless of maturity or stage you are in about virtualization.
    We have work with clients throughout the nordic region and cooperate with a number of major suppliers such as (Fujitsu)

    We are virtualization platform independent and look forward to support our clients strategically around their virtualization solutions.
    Let our experienced consultants support you in your various datacenter and virtualization projects. We offer project management support with skilled project managers and system architects.